Elder Law Estate Plan

We all long to leave a mark on the world. The legacy we establish can be as unique as our stories. For some, that means contributing to causes that are close to their hearts. For others, that means making sure their loved ones’ needs are met. Estate planning allows you to not only make these important decisions, but also to record your wishes in case you are unable to voice them yourself.

Empowering Clients To Make Thoughtful Choices

Speaking with an estate planning attorney is the first step toward making informed decisions. At Tabory Law LLC in Kansas City, I help people make thoughtful choices about the future. My 30-plus years of experience as a practicing lawyer give me the insight to empower clients in meaningful ways.

It’s normal to feel apprehensive about estate planning – especially if you’ve never done it before. Thinking about weighty issues brings us face-to-face with mortality. Yet the vast majority of my clients end up leaving my office with a weight lifted from their shoulders. They feel good about their decisions and confident about the future.

In my practice, I have helped generations of clients get peace of mind by planning for the future.

Create An Estate Plan That Fits Your Needs

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to estate planning. Instead, there are various tools that can be tailored to fit almost any set of goals and circumstances. I will work with you to determine which of these tools is right for you – and to customize them accordingly.

The most common tools include:

These documents don’t exist in a vacuum. The shape they take depends on your life goals. I will invest the time to understand your financial picture and family circumstances from the outset. For example, I will sit down with you and chart a family tree to learn more about your loved ones and how they fit into your life. This detail-oriented approach results in a stronger, more personalized estate plan.

Discuss Next Steps

The first step toward preparing for the future is simple: Call 913-213-6585 or reach out to me online for a no-obligation consultation. We can then discuss next steps for creating an estate plan that fits your needs.